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Six schools are competing in a Gold Coast Digital Manufacturing initiative: Marine Challenge 2015. This portal provides a tool for students and teachers to communicate and collaborate.

Nerang State High School
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Thursday, July 24, 1:41AM

Helensvale State High School
Testing days
Testing performance modifications. We really wanted to create a quantitative measure of the force required and developing tuning options. We also ran the "trolley so that students could understand how the vehicle "drifts" on trolley wheels to simulate fan boat characteristics.
Tuesday, May 27, 9:35PM

King's Christian College
Component Modeling
Design teams have measured and modeled the components ready for control system design work.
Friday, May 23, 2:49PM

King's Christian College
Kings Design Team is powering
Students have designed their hulls and are in the process of manufacturing all five hulls. We have attached as much as we want to show at this time.
Friday, May 23, 2:46PM

Upper Coomera State College
Team Black Pantha
Tuesday, May 20, 9:31AM

Upper Coomera State College
Team Quik Onion
Tuesday, May 20, 9:30AM

Upper Coomera State College
Team Wet Bullet
Tuesday, May 20, 9:29AM

Upper Coomera State College
Team Torpedo
Tuesday, May 20, 9:27AM

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